Exposure to the sun

Protection from damage you can’t see

As Australians, we’ve been told time and time again to take precautions to counter the damaging effects of the sun on our skin. The importance of sunscreen, headwear and protective clothing has been drummed into our culture and for good reason. Unfortunately, the same focus hasn’t been placed on eye safety.

We all need the sun. It’s soothing, beneficial for the mind and a bona fide life-giver. The sun is there for us to enjoy. However, like anything good, it comes with its own set of potential side effects.

Ultra-violet (better known as UV) rays carry with them potential damage to your eyes, no matter what the weather is doing. They’re just as likely to penetrate your gaze under cloud cover or shade as they are in direct sunlight. Over the course of a lifetime, exposure to the sun means accumulated damage and is directly linked to undesirable conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer on the eyelids.

To add fuel to the fire, younger eyes are even more susceptible to UV damage. We can’t stress enough, the importance of protecting your children’s eyes from the outset.

The good news is that our eyewear experts know how best to safeguard eyes of all ages. We offer a range of eyewear solutions that not only guarantee the highest levels of UV protection but also clarity and comfort through the elimination of glare. Glare is not only an annoying byproduct of the sun’s strength but also a direct cause of both eye strain and discomfort.

Our solutions are simple and are catered to suit all human behaviours, from driving to outdoor activities, whether it be golf, fishing, or simply taking a stroll. Eyecare coupled with sunwear equals healthy eyes. Care for your eyes in style and contact us today.

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