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“Your eyes are the window through which you experience all things and keeping it intact lets you enjoy everything life has to offer. To us, eyecare is so much more than being fitted for glasses, it’s a delicate balance between protection, optimisation, maintenance and aesthetic satisfaction. When you choose Quinn & Co. Eyecare, you are awarding your eyes the best possible attention – which is exactly what they deserve.”

David Wajntraub

Owner, on what’s important to patients and to us

Understanding and valuing the needs of our local communities defines our service and drives us to stay on top of developments in cutting-edge diagnostics, treatments and products. This is a belief that we and our predecessors have faithfully acted upon for more than 50 years and we’ll be keeping that legacy going and growing for at least another 50. 

Essentially, we’re a dedicated team of optometrists and eyewear experts providing an alternative to stock-standard providers where quality of service may sometimes take a backseat to maximising profits. At Quinn & Co. Eyecare, we’re here to simply help ensure that you see all there is to see in your life by enhancing your quality of vision.

When you visit us, we personally tailor our expertise to ensure the health of your eyes benefit from our life’s work.

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Seeing and believing in style

“Why don’t people take more pride in their eyewear? Many people have a number of jackets, shirts, slacks, caps and shoes – why do they settle for just one pair of glasses that, if they’re completely honest, may not even suit them or their lifestyle? We think about these things and perhaps you should too.”

When it comes to aesthetics, we offer a wide range of high-quality and fashionable products, so that you’re not only improving your vision and walking away with the most reliable eyewear but doing so in a style that complements your unique image and personality.

Looking beyond the look

Relationships have always been and will continue to be important. We do more than work with you to find the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses to suit your budget – we want to get to know you because the more we learn about your lifestyle, needs and what’s important to you, the more personalised our solutions and care can be. That’s service and that’s what we’re all about.

If you’ve been searching for genuine and reliable care for your eyes, look no further than Quinn & Co. Eyecare.

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