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We are a dedicated team of optometrists and eyewear experts who get endless satisfaction from optimising your eye health and vision without sacrificing style. Using only the latest optical technology to provide you with the highest quality care, we offer personalised vision solutions that enhance your vision clarity and comfort.

“Seeing is believing – that the community, the world and all it holds has something for you to be part of, focus on and enjoy. We care about our patients and helping them get the most out of life by caring for their eyes. At Quinn & Co. Eyecare, we care because we know the value of sight – and so should you.”

Naomi Wajntraub,
Owner focusing on the importance of eyecare

Life is better when your vision is the best it can be

Your quality of life can often be linked to the quality of your vision. Eye health, appropriate eyewear and the care that keeps it functional, relevant to you and in step with your own style is something you simply can’t take for granted.

So don’t.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing or when, your vision should be as sharp, clear and comfortable as possible. And since doing what you love and living life your way can be dependent on the quality of eyecare and advice available to you, an appointment with Quinn & Co. Eyecare may be the best decision you make today.

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No outfit is complete without a stylish statement that is uniquely you. That’s where the right eyewear can add to or even accentuate your own personal features. But that’s not all.

While most of us love the sunshine and everything it brings to the party, unfortunately we need to protect our eyes from UV rays just as much as our skin. Without it, ongoing UV exposure can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer on the eyelids.

Looks can be deceiving so don’t be fooled on quality

To help ensure that you get the best in terms of protection and style, our range of everyday glasses and sunglasses offer you the highest-possible protection from UV exposure and glare – without sacrificing style. Eliminating glare means no more squinting or putting up with poor colour contrast. 

Instead, you can literally take comfort in the fact that you’re seeing real life for what it is, no matter where you are. At Quinn & Co. Eyecare, we don’t compromise on peace of mind or personal style – nor should you.

Boost productivity without digital eyestrain

The overuse of our digital devices often results in digital eyestrain symptoms such as blurred vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches, and also neck and shoulder pain. This physical discomfort and any resulting focusing difficulties can negatively impact your productivity.

Your first step to preventing digital eyestrain and recapturing that lost productivity is an eye exam. If your vision does require correcting, we have lens solutions that will help relax your eyes and protect them from blue light when in front of screens. The right eyewear can offer greater convenience and also help you maintain comfortable posture.

Get more out of your day with good vision and enjoy a sense of accomplishment, rather than stress and frustration.

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